Are Summer Internships Helpful?

It’s time to start talking about summer plans.

Every year, forward-thinking families begin to make plans for their students’ summer schedules many months in advance. This is essential to meeting deadlines for competitive programs, camps, and internships. In 2021-2022, it is more important than ever for families to think strategically about their students’ summer plans, especially at a time when traditional summer opportunities may be curtailed or limited, compounded by the fact that students have had little opportunity throughout the school year to showcase their talents through extracurricular activities.

One major summer activity that parents should be considering are summer internships. The right summer internship can be a crowning achievement on a student’s resume, particularly because during the summer months, students have more hours to devote to a capstone project. However, not all internships are created equal. First, students should understand that there are various types of internships.