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What Juniors Must Know About College Apps

Juniors. Parents of juniors. It’s time to talk about college applications. Many of you may feel that applications deadlines are still in the distant future–a thing to be tackled when the insanity of junior year schedules (School tests! Standardized tests! Activities!) finally eases up. The bad news? Your schedules won’t ease up. From junior year

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Tips to Structure Your College Essay, Ideal Length, Dos and Don’ts

College Application EssaysMost colleges and universities will require an essay with your application for admission. You should know that your college application essay should be personal. While writing about yourself may seem intimidating, you can think of the work as an opportunity to introduce yourself and show off your writing skills. College admissions counselors will

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Finding the Admission Counselor That Is Right for You

Finding the college admissions counselor that is right for you can be an overwhelming task. If you are looking for specific skills, traits, and values to seek out in your search for the counselor that is right for you, then check out these tips. 6 Important Things College Admission Counselors Help Students Accomplish 1. Setting

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Top 10 Reasons Why Admission Consulting Is Beneficial for Admissions

When considering whether or not to work with an admissions counselor, you may be wondering how an admissions counselor can benefit you. Before you make a decision, you should know that admissions counselors serve as reliable sources of information for students applying to colleges.  Whether you are researching the schools or programs to apply to,

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scholastic aptitude test

Will the recent changes to the ACT help or hurt you?

What is superscoring? For students who take the ACT or SAT more than once, many colleges and universities allow students to submit their best subject scores across multiple test dates. The recalculation of these subscores results in what is known as a “superscore.” A superscore acknowledges that students may perform differently on their standardized tests

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Have you missed any academic milestones during the pandemic?

The past year has brought tremendous upheaval for students, leaving many parents worried about “learning loss” and whether their children are hitting their academic milestones. Until this point, the reopening of schools had been the most urgent academic challenge of the pandemic. However, as vaccine rollouts grow in efficiency and schools begin to re-open for

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