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Harvard Is Getting Sued: What Does This Mean For You?

This fall, in what will surely be a landmark court case in college admissions, Harvard University is being sued by Students for Fair Admissions, a group representing students who allege that the university purposely discriminates against Asian-Americans during the...

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Trends in College Admissions: UCs

There are three major factors affecting UC admissions trends: (1) new admissions policies, (2) the budget crisis, and (3) tuition increases. Learn more about recent changes and trends in admissions to UC campuses.

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General Trends in College Admissions

FLEX experts have analyzed data from the high school class of 2018 early admission candidate pool and identified four of the most important trends in college admissions. Click to learn more about what’s important when applying for college.

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What does an Admission Counselor do?

Don’t wait until the last minute to seek guidance. Learn from FLEX’s experienced team the benefits of working with an admissions counselor and how they can help students find the programs best for them.

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