FLEX College Admissions Seminars

The Wonderful World of Testing (SAT/ACT/AP)

October 2017

What is the role of standardized tests -- ACT and SAT -- in college admissions? It is important to consider college preferences as well as your academic strengths when choosing between the ACT or SAT. Get a side-by-side comparison of these two tests to find out how exactly they are different. What kind of content do the SAT and ACT cover, how are they scored, are SAT Subject tests still required if you take the ACT, and ultimately, which one should you take?

Reserve your spot in our free seminar for information about the role standardized testing plays amongst other elements of your academic profile.

UC System vs Private Colleges: How do I Choose?

November 2017

When deciding between UCs and private colleges, there are many factors to consider. Let FLEX help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision about your college selection.

In this seminar, FLEX will present the following:

Get the information you need to make an informed decision about your college plans.

Extracurricular and Summer Activity Planning

December 2017

Your extracurricular and summer activities profile has a significant role in college admissions. What do colleges care about — quantity or quality? What kind of activities will help you distinguish yourself from other applicants?

Identifying which activities to pursue is a key strategy for college admissions preparation. Start planning early to optimize your high school years.

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A Roadmap of Four Years in High School (for Middle School Students)

Jan 2018

Which extracurricular activities should you focus on, both in school or outside of school. Which classes should you take? When you should take the SAT or ACT?

Reserve your spot in our free seminar for 6-9th grade students to learn how to navigate your high school years and become the type of student top colleges are looking for.

Liberal Arts Colleges - Aside from UCs and Private

Jan 2018

UCs and private colleges are constant parental selections when it comes to college applications. And LAC – Liberal Arts Colleges oftentimes escape from their attentions. Do you know that 20% of the US presidents graduated from LACs? According to the United States Department of Education, the number of the student that graduated from LACs and went to medical schools is two times more than that from other colleges.

There are many famous LACs like Williams College, Occidental, Reed, Pomona, Amherst, and so on. In these colleges, the instructor/student ratio is super low. The class is well-interacted and the ideas are smoothly communicated. They have super high student percentage that go to well-known graduate schools.

Also many programs that these colleges offer rank in the top of the lists in America. Many of them are tied with top universities in the rankings. And a lot of them provide 3+2 program, that is, 3 years in LAC and 2 years in universities like Ivies provide double BAs/BSs. What are these colleges? Which of them are the top ones? The CPAA seminar in December will discuss further details of the topics above.

About FLEX's College Admissions Seminars

FLEX's College Admissions Seminar Series is an informational seminar series designed to help families get trustworthy advice on the college admissions process. The seminars aim to demystify the admissions process, provide reliable information, and help students and parents strategize the best course of action for their remaining time in high school.

Past Seminar Topics

  • ACT vs New SAT
  • Roadmap to the Ivies
  • Current College Admission Trends
  • Private vs Public University Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Planning Your Summer
  • College Applications & Essays
  • Key Factors for Private College Admissions
  • How to Build a Strong Extracurricular Activity Resumé
  • Planning/Researching Your Summer Schedule