FLEX College Admissions Seminars

About FLEX's College Admissions Seminars

FLEX's College Admissions Seminar Series is an informational seminar series designed to help families get trustworthy advice on the college admissions process. The seminars aim to demystify the admissions process, provide reliable information, and help students and parents strategize the best course of action for their remaining time in high school.

May 2017: Changes and Trends in College Admissions

What has changed in college admissions and how will it impact you What kind of advantages and disadvantages should you consider when applying early action or early decision?

In order to be successful in the admissions process, staying up to date is critical. Learn more about early admission stats/trends and key changes to consider in the college application process.

Past Seminar Topics

  • ACT vs New SAT
  • Roadmap to the Ivies
  • Current College Admission Trends
  • Private vs Public University Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Planning Your Summer
  • College Applications & Essays
  • Key Factors for Private College Admissions
  • How to Build a Strong Extracurricular Activity Resumé
  • Planning/Researching Your Summer Schedule