Academic Enrichment

Advice for Seniors

Senior year affords students some new opportunities. Cream-of-the-crop leadership positions are usually reserved for seniors. Plus, students who turn eighteen become eligible for a whole new range of volunteer positions and jobs. Stick with the activities you’ve been doing. It is important for seniors to make sure that they continue pursuing some of the activities …

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Digital Humanities

Students tend to identify themselves as good at one of two academic categories: math/science or humanities. They think of themselves as either a “math person” or an “English person,” and parents often help foster such thinking, considering the two studies distinct and separate. With the rise of technology, many humanities lovers find themselves at a …

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Your College Major Versus Your Vocation/Career

As a college counselor, I always ensure that I gather pertinent information about a student (and family’s) college goals before making recommendations. Some of that information includes: High school transcript Testing profile (standardized tests and scores) Resume of activities These comprise the very basic set of data on any student. While this information is revealing …

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