Do College Application Essays Matter?

Before you begin the process of writing your college application essay, you may be wondering, “Do college application essays matter?”

You should know your college application essay is a chance for the admissions team to understand who you are in your own words. Remember, the person reading your essay will decide whether you are a good candidate for an acceptance letter. 

If a college or university requires an essay with their application, assume that your writing will be read and evaluated alongside your grades and test scores. The college application essay plays a key role in the admissions process. 

Here is a breakdown of four reasons why college admissions essays are important. 

4 Reasons Why College Admissions Essays Are Important

  1. Show Off Your Writing Skills 

One reason the college admissions essay is important is because it offers applicants the opportunity to show off their writing skills. Your work should display robust argumentative skills, detailed connections, a clear flow of ideas, and logical reasoning. You should also know that the college admissions essay serves as an opportunity to show off your creative writing skills. 

As you outline, write, edit, and revise your work, it is crucial that you keep an eye out for any lackluster lines, words, or phrases. Opportunities to personalize the narrative arise in a well-developed writing style. Make your essay stand out through word choice, diction, and imagery. Consider how you can make your authorial voice memorable. 

  1. Personal Details That The Rest Of The College Application Leaves Out

The college admissions essay is important because it gives applicants the opportunity to discuss things the rest of their application leaves out. Keep in mind that the majority of the admissions application consists of numbers and data. 

This numerical information describes your academic career, and the application essay offers the opportunity to contextualize your academic life by giving details of your personal life. 

  1. Distinguish Two Comparable Applicants

Your college application essay can serve as an effective way for the college or university admissions team to distinguish two applicants with similar academic profiles. Take advantage of an opportunity to stand out! 

If the admissions counselor reading your essay just evaluated another application with the exact same GPA and test scores, then your essay is your only shot to convince your reader that you deserve an acceptance letter more than your counterpart. 

  1. Tell Your Story And Make An Impression

It is important that the admissions counselor reading your college admissions essay has a strong idea of who you are. Use the essay as an opportunity to make an impression that is personal and memorable. 

10 Things You Must Highlight In Your College Essay!

  1. A Strong Understanding Of The Prompt

As you brainstorm and outline your plan for your college application essay, be sure that you read and understand the entire prompt. Do not skip over any questions or details that the prompt expects in your response. You need to highlight your understanding of the prompt by answering it entirely.

  1. Why The Prompt Is Significant To You

You should deliberately convey why the topic your essay focuses on is significant to you and your life. If you choose to write about something that is disingenuous to your passions, experiences, or values, it will be obvious to your reader. 

  1. Understand The School’s Core Values And Their Mission

Each essay should be personal. This can be difficult when applying to a multitude of colleges and universities, as you may find yourself writing many personal statement essays. 

Find ways to customize each essay for the school you plan to submit it to. Be sure that the reader has zero doubt that you have done your research and that you genuinely care about the school’s core values and academic opportunities. 

  1. Your Personal Core Values

You should also take time to contextualize and describe the things that are important to you. When writing a personal statement essay for college admissions, this task of elaborating on your values should be central to the prompt you select and the story you tell. 

  1. Your World View

Another essential point many applicants highlight throughout their essay is their worldview. How do you see the world? How has your worldview shifted over time? Who and what has impacted your perspective? 

While you may find that your answers to these questions lean to the macro scale, you can focus your writing by selecting specific details or moments where your perspective was challenged or solidified. 

  1. Your Personal Growth

When writing about your struggles, failures, doubts, or challenges, it is crucial to always highlight the ways you have grown. Take time in your essay to evaluate the things that have challenged you, and highlight any strong connections between your narrative and self-reflection. 

  1. Why You Are A Great Fit For The College Or University 

You can be as explicit as you choose when answering the question, “How will this student impact our college campus?” In some cases, your essay will answer this question naturally. In other cases, students will state this information in their conclusion. 

  1. Strong Proofreading Skills And Attention To Detail 

You can highlight your enthusiasm and drive by submitting an essay that is free from errors and meticulously edited. Have another pair of eyes read your work, and take your time revising your essay before submitting it with your college application. 

  1. Deep Thought And Developed Ideas

It should be obvious that you took your time in planning, drafting, writing, and revising your college admissions essay. You can emphasize your thought process in regards to the prompt to give your reader a clear understanding of how you think. 

  1. A Vision For Your Future

It is always a good idea to provide your reader with the confidence that you know what you want to achieve in the future. Remember, the reader will decide whether or not you are a good fit for their college or university. Be sure that you elaborate on how you plan to carry your experiences, goals, values, and passions onto campus. 

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