Getting Ahead Academically 5 Tips For High Schoolers

Getting Ahead Academically: 5 Tips For High Schoolers

The academic pressure to submit competitive and unique college applications is on now more than ever. Before working on college applications, students will focus on getting ahead academically in their high school years to set themselves up for success in college and their careers. 

If you are looking for some ways to get ahead academically in high school, consider these tips. 

  1. Take AP® Courses And Challenging Classes

One great way to get ahead academically is by taking challenging courses throughout your high school career. It is a good idea to enroll in classes that push your skillset, without breaching your threshold for success or harming your grade point average. College admissions counselors will review your transcripts in detail.

Receiving straight As throughout high school may not be “enough” for the college admissions counselors reviewing applications at competitive colleges and universities. You can make a better impression by submitting transcripts that display your willingness to take higher-level classes that challenge you. Of course, weighted Advanced PlacementⓇ classes boost your GPA, but the pros do not end there. 

You can also receive college credit by scoring well on AP exams. Making an impression and submitting a competitive application will start by pushing yourself throughout your high school career. If you want to get ahead, plan to take challenging classes. 

  1. Start Your Test Prep Early 

ACTⓇ and SATⓇ exams play a large part in a high school student’s academic life. In order to get ahead, some students decide to begin test preparation early. Scheduling your exams earlier in your high school career is a good way to ensure you have plenty of time to retake exams before college applications are due. Most students who retake the ACT or SAT exam experience score improvements with each trial. If you want to give yourself ample opportunity to improve your scores, start early. 

Starting test prep early means you get to plan ahead of time. While it might be intimidating, make sure not to get thrown off by the process. You can take the help of experienced tutors and counselors In Irvine, who can better assist you with test preparation.

You should know that you may retake the SAT as many times as you want. You can take the ACT exam up to 12 times. Most students will test 2 to 3 times if they are seeking to improve their base score. To reach your full scoring potential, you may consider scheduling your test prep and official SAT and ACT test dates early enough to retake the exams as needed. This strategy will be especially helpful for schools that allow you to combine your top performance scores from each section of the exam to super score your results. 

  1. Boost Your Participation

Another way to get ahead academically in high school is by focusing on your participation, both in and outside of the classroom. This may mean that you emphasize asking questions in class, meet with your teachers or tutors to go over skills you need support with, join study groups with your peers, or start your own academic club. 

High school is a great time to build relationships with people who have the same academic goals and interests as you. You can benefit from the accountability and drive that the people around you provide to your academic life. 

You should also consider how your participation and effort in each class will impact the personalized letters of recommendation some colleges and universities require. Participate in class discussions and join a community that fosters your strengths and goals. 

  1. Use The Resources Available To You 

Teachers, libraries, after-school programs, clubs, technologies, and professional support are resources that many schools offer students throughout their four years in high school. Sometimes, students consider their academic life to be private and opt-out of asking for help. 

Whether you are on track to reach your academic goals or looking to turn your grades around, every student can benefit from the resources that are set up to aid your academic experience. Meet with your teachers and academic advisors to ask questions about tools, programs, and opportunities that suit your interests and goals. Getting ahead academically is not a pursuit that students need to take on alone. 

  1. Find What You Are Passionate About

One more tip to get ahead academically is to try new things and find out what you are passionate about. This may require stepping out of your comfort zone, signing up for electives, or joining clubs. Perhaps you have dreamt of becoming an engineer but have found that your physics class bores you completely. Maybe you envisioned yourself becoming a doctor and have found that your literature class is all you can think about. It isn’t easy to decide what path is right for you, but you can start by focusing on finding the classes that interest you the most. 

If you have found your passion, decide how to emphasize your strengths to colleges and universities. If you want to attend a competitive Math program, show your interest by joining Math clubs, taking challenging Math courses, attending lectures from Mathematicians, and more. To stand out and get ahead academically, lean into your passions. 

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