This fall, in what will surely be a landmark court case in college admissions, Harvard University is being sued by Students for Fair Admissions, a group representing students who allege that the university purposely discriminates against Asian-Americans during the admissions process.

The court case has gained wide attention. Guidance counselors, admissions hopefuls, and, most significantly, other colleges around the nation are closely following this case, which gives unprecedented access to the decision-making process that occurs behind the closed doors of the Harvard admissions office.

In fact, the extraordinary testimonies and statistical evidence demonstrate what industry experts have long suspected: while Asian-Americans have the grades, the scores, and the extracurriculars, they lose out in the subjective and unquantifiable area of “personal qualities.”

‘Personal Qualities’

While testimony has gone back and forth on whether Harvard purposely uses an applicant’s “personal qualities” as a kind of racial profiling,

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