Head Start Program Seminar

FLEX College Prep presents a free educational seminar:

NEW PROGRAM: FLEX Head Start Seminars

Attention Parents of 7-9th Grade Students:

What is your child’s dream? 

  • Does Your Child Want to Study Medicine or Health-Related Technology?
  • Interested In Technology: Engineering or Computer Science?
  • How About Business, Law Or Entrepreneurship?
  • New Trend Careers Like Animation, Gaming or Digital Humanities?
  • Not Sure?

FLEX can provide you a head start! 

Majors Include: Health Sciences, Bio-Medical Engineering & Related Fields

Coming Soon: 

  • Technology: Engineering & Computer Science
  • Economics, Business & Law
  • General Humanities: English, Writing, History & More

FLEX Head Start Counseling will guide students for the best career & college training. 

This program includes:

  • Mentorship from industry experts
  • Advance study in subjects related to your major
  • Help identifying internship opportunities to gain experience*
  • Summer program recommendations to cultivate interests in new fields
  • Leadership development
  • Community service resume building
  • Competition preparation
  • Standardized test prep
  • And more…

*FLEX Head Start will help students research opportunities but as many internship programs have minimum age and academic requirements, internships cannot be guaranteed.


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