FLEX HeadStart

Middle School Enrichment Programs
From Learners to Impacters

The FLEX Mission is to engage with students as they pursue a life pathway by building academic foundations, creating meaningful opportunities, offering expert guidance, and expanding worldview.

Explore (6th-7th)

Identify your academic passion through guided courses

Engage (8th-9th)

Develop and apply learning with guidance and mentorship

Focus (9th-11th)

Sharpen academic profile and build resume of achievements for your college applications

Apply (12th)

Implement a strategic and comprehensive plan for your college applications and essays

FLEX HeadStart Benefits:
  • Find your academic passion!
  • Apply your learning through publications, competitions, and extracurricular activities
  • Receive long-term guidance, high-level instruction, and mentorship in various subjects
  • Get started on a productive path toward future fulfillment and success!
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • “…FRMC was stimulating. The course is different from what [my son] was exposed to in school. Not only are there video lectures and research papers, but he was also expected to research projects on his own. His final presentation in front of a panel would be nerve-wracking for me if I were him, but he carried it quite well.”


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