FLEX HeadStart Electives

Discover new interests. Create new things. Add new skills.

FLEX HeadStart Electives provide students an opportunity to try something new and different outside of their chosen pathways. Unique, project-based classes aim to spark interest and develop specific skills that can be utilized across many pathways and disciplines.

How It Works

  • Interdisciplinary classes
  • Project-based learning
  • Spark interest in new areas
  • Develop valuable skills

Students will become their own radio hosts and craft short podcasts. Through storyboarding, scriptwriting, public speaking practice, interviewing, and sound recording equipment and editing software, students create a finished product and gain the knowledge of creating public podcasts for everyone to hear. Not only will students learn more about an educational subject but will learn how to apply it outside of the classroom, by creating it in an audio format that fits the needs of a digitally growing world.

At a time when one in three internet users is under 18 years old, it is essential for students to know how to conduct themselves safely, effectively, and politely in digital spaces. In the Cyber Etiquette & Communication elective course, students learn how to tailor their writing to different online contexts, safely navigate digital platforms, and mindfully build their online identities and reputations.

Meet The Team

  • San Francisco State University: B.A. Creative Writing
  • Former Editor for Transfer Magazine, SF State’s literary publication