FLEX HeadStart Electives

Discover new interests. Create new things. Add new skills.

FLEX HeadStart Electives provides students an opportunity to try something new and different outside of their chosen pathways. Unique, project-based classes aim to spark interest and develop specific skills that can be utilized across many pathways and disciplines.

How It Works

  • Interdisciplinary classes
  • Project-based learning
  • Spark interest in new areas
  • Develop valuable skills

FLEX Speech HeadStart offers students long-term academic headstarts for middle and high school students who are serious about speech, debate, and communication. Our approach is not only to provide students with high-level instruction but also to help them apply their learning through projects and media.

Meet The Team

Meagan Mason (FLEX Writing Center, Program Coordinator & Instructor)
  • UC Davis: College Essay Mentorship Program
  • UC Davis: Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • UC Davis: BA Communication