FLEX Pathway: Health Sciences & Pre-Med

Early exposure to medical-career oriented subjects and opportunities for real-world application.

Classes include Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and more!

Through the strategic design of the FLEX HeadStart course track and the inspired teaching of FLEX instructors, the Health Sciences & Pre-Med  pathway offers students who are serious about a career in Healthcare an approach that not only provides them with high-level instruction but also helps them apply their learning through publications, clubs, competitions, and activities.

How It Works

  • Get a head start on Health Sciences material vital for exams & contests such as the Science Olympiad, Brain Bee, AP Bio, Toronto Biology Competition, USABO
  • Develop the foundation for knowledge retention: an essential tool for future academic and career success
  • Gain a competitive advantage when applying with a Health Science background to future summer research programs, internships, and colleges

Courses Include: Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics

Meet The Health Sciences Team

UC Berkeley: B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology

  • Creator of FLEX’s Biology Olympiad program with 11+ years of experience in biology, chemistry, and physics
  • UCLA: M.S. Biomedical Engineering
    Pennsylvania State
  • University: B.S. Bioengineering
  • CSU Northridge: M.S. Kinesiology
  • UCLA: B.S. Physiological Science