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Is the College Essay (Really That) Important?

Every year, as summer vacations wind down, rising seniors hit that rite of passage: college essay season. All across the country, sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds struggle to find the 650 words that capture their unique identity and personality and help them stand out...

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SAT Subject Tests

As a college counselor, I see a lot of confusion surrounding the SAT Subject Tests (formerly—and still commonly—known as the SAT IIs). For many students, these tests, as well as the AP exams, just don’t register as that important, and so some students don’t spend a...

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Other Private Schools, Public Schools, and the SATs

Let’s begin by looking at how the UCs evaluate the SATs. Then we’ll turn to see how more selective second-tier schools like Tufts, USC, and Boston College evaluate the SATs.The UCs and the SATs In understanding the admissions process for the UCs and most public...

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3 Basic Tips for SAT Prep

After helping thousands of students, I’ve learned that the three most helpful pieces of advice I can share are almost dismayingly simple…but very powerful.

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SAT: What is the Scholastic Aptitude Test?

Although the SAT gets a lot of attention and everyone has heard a great deal about it, in my experience, I’ve discovered that too many students and their parents fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the test.

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How to Choose the Right College

I believe that students should be just as selective about choosing which colleges to apply to as colleges are about choosing which students to accept.

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