Most Recent Changes to the SAT & SAT Subject Tests

The College Board recently announced significant changes to the SAT as well as the SAT Subject Tests. First, after June 2021, the SAT will no longer have an optional essay component. There may also be additional changes to the test as the College Board makes a strong push for the exam to be administered digitally in the future. Second, the SAT Subject Tests will be discontinued, effective immediately. The changes to the Subject Tests will take effect for students in the US and are expected to be permanent. More information will be announced by the College Board in April.

For parents, it is important to understand what this announcement by the College Board entails for their own students’ application prep and planning. The changes to the SAT and cancellation of the Subject Tests provide a great deal of information about upcoming trends in admissions—trends that were in the works but have been greatly accelerated by the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, students who want to remain compelling candidates cannot simply meet these cancellations with relief at a decreased workload. Rather, students must work strategically to showcase academic qualifications that would normally have been provided by this suite of standardized exams.