Score Guarantee Program Seminar

FLEX College Prep presents a free educational seminar:

FLEX SAT Score Guarantee Program Seminars

How does it work?

  • Target the August SAT
  • Plan your test prep around school and other activities
  • Weekly instruction to learn key concepts and strategies
  • Intensive drilling to reinforce learning
  • Regular diagnostic testing to monitor progress

Ask about the 1500 club… 

  • Entrance Exam to qualify
  • Adhere to FLEX Student Code of Conduct
  • Work with expert FLEX SAT Tutors

Ask about FLEX SAT Tutors: 

  • Graduates of Top 20 colleges & universities
  • Top 1% scorers in their subjects of instruction
  • Take the real SAT regularly to stay on top of current trends
  • Proven track record of improving student scores

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