The College Admissions Test of Choice: Most Recent Updates to the AP Exams

During this time of pandemic and institutional upheaval, the AP exams have become the college admissions test of choice, finally unseating the SAT and ACT from their prominent place in a student’s academic portfolio. In an earlier blog post, we detailed the reasoning behind the changes as well as the impact on current high school students. Here, we explain the preliminary plans for the 2021 AP exams that have just been released by the CollegeBoard and help you navigate the somewhat confusing options for your students.


AP Exams will be given on three dates; however, it will be up to the schools to determine the particular date on which an exam will be available to their students.

  • Administration 1
    • Week 1: May 3-7
    • Week 2: May 10-12, 14, 17
  • Administration 2
    • Week 1: May 18-21
    • Week 2: May 24-28
  • Administration 3
    • Week 1: June 1-4
    • Week 2: June 7-11