Top 10 Reasons Why Admission Consulting Is Beneficial for Admissions

When considering whether or not to work with an admissions counselor, you may be wondering how an admissions counselor can benefit you. Before you make a decision, you should know that admissions counselors serve as reliable sources of information for students applying to colleges. 

Whether you are researching the schools or programs to apply to, planning to tackle applications, or looking for ways to streamline your admissions process, FLEX’s college admissions counselors are there for you. You should also know that an admission consultant will determine the best ways to stand out in a pile of competitive applications or offer advice for financial aid opportunities available to you. 

Here are some specific details about the top 10 reasons an admissions counselor is beneficial to the admissions process.  

1. Admissions counselors serve as a reliable source for your research

When looking into prospective schools and their qualifications, expectations, or procedures for admissions, you need to use accurate information. Using less reliable sources for information can be detrimental to your chances of acceptance. Starting with a reliable source for information about the admissions process is crucial. If you are looking for a place to go for questions or advice throughout your college admissions process, consider a college admissions counselor. 

2. Use an admissions counselor to access details about the schools, programs, or universities that are right for you

A college admissions counselor can help you with more than just the application process. They can also offer advice and information about future opportunities that may be right for you. By evaluating your strengths, interests, and goals, a college admissions counselor may offer details about a college, program, or university that you would never know about without a personal counselor. 

Many students enter the college admissions process with very little personal information. You may be wondering, “Will this school be right for me?” and “What are my options?” College is a big investment, and a college admissions counselor can help you make decisions to save time and money in the future. 

3. Make a personalized plan for your application process

This level of personalization extends beyond just finding the programs, universities, and colleges that suit you. You can also take advantage of a personalized plan for the application process itself. If you struggle with essay writing, a college admissions counselor can prioritize supporting your writing process for personal statements, short essays, and other application essays. If you are struggling to meet deadlines, an admissions counselor can guide your priorities and help to ensure that you are prepared to submit applications on time. If you need advice for standardized testing, high school courses, and planning throughout your high school career, your college admissions counselor will personalize a plan to help you reach your goals. 

4. Build a competitive application

Sometimes, students are looking for ways to improve the competitiveness of their college applications. If you need support standing out as a strong applicant, you can use a college counselor to bring out your strengths. Your counselor may help you select a course load for your high school classes that highlights your strengths. They may also help you plan a standardized testing process that suits your needs and meets prospective schools’ expectations. If you want your application to stand out in the pile of applications on the admissions counselors’ desks, you need to do everything you can to submit a competitive application. 

5. Manage your deadlines

Another major benefit of using college admissions counselors is support throughout the many deadlines in the admissions process. Maybe you are applying to a dozen schools and need help keeping track of what needs to be submitted. You may also need help organizing your application to be submitted on time. If you are stressed about the number of deadlines you will face throughout the admission process, you could benefit by working with a professional who has been through the process before. 

6. Manage your priorities

A college admissions counselor can also help you manage your priorities. From SAT tests, ACT tests, and AP exams, to course loads, applications, essays, and letters of recommendation, the college admissions process can get really complicated. Stay organized and on top of your to-do list with the support of an admissions counselor.

7. Get advice from former admissions officers

By using FLEX’s College Admissions Consulting service, you can get advice and counseling from former admissions officers. Working with former admissions officers means that the people guiding you through your admissions process once sat on admissions boards at colleges and universities deciding which applications to accept or deny. Take advantage of insider knowledge by working with counselors who know exactly what it takes to receive an acceptance letter.

8. Work with an essay specialist

Another major benefit of working with college admissions counselors is the opportunity to write, draft, and revise your essays with an essay specialist. No matter where you are in your essay writing process, your counselor can support you.  

9. Get advice for financial aid opportunities

College is incredibly expensive, and you should take advantage of any opportunities to lessen the cost. Working with a college counselor can help you find scholarships that you qualify for. A counselor can also help you build a plan to spend less time in college to lower your cost of tuition. 

10. Improve your chance of acceptance

From 2016-2019, 98% of FLEX students were admitted to one of their top 3 choice schools. By using a college admissions counselor, you will increase your chances of receiving an acceptance letter. 

As you consider whether working with an admissions counselor is right for you, consider these benefits. Remember, FLEX’s College Admissions Consulting service offers students the opportunity to work with former admissions officers who know what it takes to receive an acceptance letter. Minimize the stress of your application process and get support to achieve your goals by using a college admissions counselor.