What Juniors Must Know About College Apps

Juniors. Parents of juniors. It’s time to talk about college applications.

Many of you may feel that applications deadlines are still in the distant future–a thing to be tackled when the insanity of junior year schedules (School tests! Standardized tests! Activities!) finally eases up. The bad news? Your schedules won’t ease up.

From junior year to first semester of senior year, you will only get busier.

This is especially true of students who didn’t plan ahead and find themselves entering senior year having to maintain their GPA in advanced classes, take or re-take standardized tests, and build their resumes–all the while filling out lengthy college applications that often require a handful of essays each.

In fact, let’s take a closer look at those college applications to understand just what seniors are dealing with.

While most students will fill out two main applications (the UC application for all the UCs, the Common Application for most private colleges and universities), the number of required essays will vary depending on a student’s list.